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Over 20 years of experience, Mini Loaders offers a variety of equipment capable of any job on any site any time.

Our machines are small and compact in size and can be maneuvered into small areas to get your project done quickly and efficiently eliminating unnecessary expensive labour costs.

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Excavators are versatile equipment that is used in various applications. Aside from excavating or digging, it can also be used to demolish walls, drain mud from pools and pits, lift unwieldy objects and drill holes, or even break rocks. In order to achieve each of these tasks, a special attachment to the machine is required.

Skid Steers

Whatever your job, CASE has a skid steer loader that can handle it. Our new extended line-up of skid steer loaders delivers:

  • More power
  • Increased stability
  • Greater operator comfort and visibility
  • Best-in-class serviceability
  • Wide range of attachments


Our telehandlers are renowned for their reliable heavy-duty performance for a range of applications in various conditions.

  • Concrete Skips
  • Pallet Forks
  • 2.5 Ton JIB
  • Bin Collection Sweeper
  • Ideal in confined areas


Its compact dimensions, small working width and extreme manoeuvrability from the true track articulated steering enable the vehicle to access even the most confined area, while still offering a spacious and comfortable workplace for the driver. Safe driving even with heavy loads is provided by a chassis integrated float compensation that keeps the vehicle on track, with the automotive permanent all-wheel drive providing fully-controlled power throughout the entire speed range.


When it comes to cleaning supermarkets, car showrooms, nursing homes and hospitals, production facilities in the food industry, large logistics facilities, production halls or industrial floors: Hako’s Scrubmaster models carry out every cleaning task efficiently. Our walk-behind and ride-on scrubber-driers provide a cleaning performance of up to over 14,000 m²/h – and ensure comfortable handling as well as an optimal view onto the working area thanks to their ergonomic design.